History & Profile of Farber & Sons, Inc.

location_bldgFarber & Sons, Inc an Oregon Corporation, d.b.a. Farber Surveying, is an extension of several businesses dating back to T. Flatebo & Associates, which was established in the mid 1970’s.

T. Flatebo & Associates evolved into Flatebo Weaver & Associates, then to Kurt C. Weaver. Herb Farber purchased the business from Kurt in 1987.

Farber Surveying was incorporated in 1991 as an Oregon corporation.

History of Surveying

Farber Surveying Staff

Herbert A. Farber, a 1974 graduate of Washington State University, Bachelor of Science in Forestry Management, Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, President of Farber & Sons, Inc., Professional Land Surveyor, Water Right Examiner and Professional Forester. Herb has been in the survey business since 1977. He was registered in Oregon as a Land Surveyor in 1985 and in 1987 as a Water Right Examiner. Herb is the survey manager, project manager of Farber Surveying. Herb has developed the skills necessary to find solutions to complex problems and land use consulting problems for Farber Surveying clients.

Susan M. Farber, Secretary/Treasurer and office manager. Susan attended Southern Oregon State College from 1972-1976 she has been employed in various levels of office management, accounting and bookkeeping since her college days. She has worked in large and small firms and in service and manufacturing areas. Susan is also very active in community affairs particularly the schools.

Aaron Pardee,  Technician / Field Crew Leader – Since 1997 experienced and, specialized in solving all types of field work scenarios.

Taylor Pardee,  Technician office and field since 2012.

Dennis Hec Morton, Survey Tech-2013 Graduate of Oregon Institute of Technology-Bachelor of Science in Geomatics (Land Surveying), since January 2015.

The goal of Farber Surveying is to provide the highest level of service to our valued clients